Custom NDT Systems

Custom Built NDT Systems and Equipment

Give us a call with your concept and we will engineer a system to suit your needs. Please take a look at a few of our previous works. They range from custom vaults to custom and automated magnetic particle and liquid penetrant systems as well as radiographic equipment.

Our clients are very satisfied with our work. As reputation is important we strive to ensure the job is completed per your specifications.

At Newco Inc, not every problem has a commercially available solution. If you are faced with a scenario and require a custom NDT solution, we can help.

Custom NDT Systems and Equipment

Newco builds custom systems to optimize your inspection needs. Whether you need to increase throughput, design around unique part geometry or maximize flexibility Newco can work with you to deliver the right fit for your needs. All fabrication and initial testing is done in Newco’s home state of South Carolina.  Systems can be disassembled and shipped all around the world.  Our trained staff can install the systems or work with your team to make sure everything goes right.

  • X-Ray Rooms
  • X-Ray Cabinets
  • Automated Penetrant Lines
  • Automated Magnetic Particle Machines
  • Custom Lead Vaults
  • Custom Cabinetry


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