NDT Equipment Rental


Equipment Rental

A large list of NDT equipment is available to rent from Newco Inc.

We cover most inspection methods to serve the nondestructive testing industry, the list includes equipment and accessories for eddy current flaw detection, thickness measurement, corrosion mapping, phased array, composite inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection, and hardness testing.

We have rentals available from leading NDT manufacturers, such as Arrow Tech, Silverwing, GE Test & Measurement, Sonotech, Comet, Eclipse, Harris, IBG, JIREH, JME, Labino, Lenco, Magnaflux, Miller, Parker, REL, Specroline, Thermo Scientific, and Tri Tool. The ability to rent this equipment enables you to choose the most appropriate NDT equipment for your application. The rental option also means you can front-load your existing equipment during busy periods to minimize any potential downtime.


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List of Equipment Available